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With this service, we analyze your profit and loss statement, highlight areas of concern to target, and offer tailored solutions to reducing costs and increasing profits in any and all areas. Once we’ve determined the problems, we will then help you with the implementation of corrective actions.

Key focus areas:

  • The Control Function
  • The Menu: The Foundation for Control
  • Operations Budgeting and Forecasting Analysis
  • Determining Food and Beverage Standards
  • Purchasing and Receiving Controls
  • Storing and Issuing Controls
  • Production and Serving Controls
  • Calculating Actual Food and Beverage Costs Control: Analysis, Corrective Action, and Evaluation
  • Revenue Control
  • Preventing Theft of Revenue
  • Labor Cost Control
  • Facility Design, Layout, and Equipment
  • Financial Management
Cost Control – The Restaurant Experts | Polykarpou HRD