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The path to success

...can only be led by industry experts who provide
practical solutions for your new or existing Restaurant or Bar!

What we do

Visit​ Location

Evaluate Situation

Set Goals​

Design your Strategy​



Who we are

We are a team of independent hospitality professionals and senior industry leaders with multi-disciplinary hospitality expertise and notable hands-on experience.

We provide practical, profit-related consulting services across a broad range of businesses in the Catering Industry, training,  hands-on support  and implementation.

Our Approach

We have the know-how! Through our specialized knowledge and experience, we know what works and how to level up your business.

Every situation is unique, and so is your F&B Business. Whether your business is a startup or already up and running, we will evaluate the current situation, provide our practical action plan, set our goals, and get everything done!

You Can Count On Us!

With our specialized portfolio, we can assist in leadership roles, as well as front-line employees, in the most prominent high-end restaurants, independent operations, boutique & grand properties. There is no challenge or problem too big, there is no idea or project too small. Only opportunity for success.

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Costas Georgiou


Are you READY to elevate your business to the next level?